Low Power?

OK, I didn’t wrote it down, so I’m not entirely sure.
-all watercooling pipes are free (no kink)
-cooler is at 17°C
I’ cutting 3mm poplar plywood. To get through I use 100% Power and a speed of 40mm/sec. That seems to be quite a lot power and low speed.
I do think I got the same plywood cut at much lower settings before.
Also the beam cuts a fairly wide gap of 0.4mm.

EDIT: Embarrassed myself a bit here. Note to myself: set focus again after lowering z-axis for material removal…
But still get different width of the cutting gap along y-axis and it’s still 0.2mm at best, which should be narrower to my understanding.
What are your settings experiences?

Can you share a photo? Sometimes more power does not give better cutting results, if you over power a cut then the cut line will tend to burn more.
Try using say 50% power still at 40mm/sec

OK, I’ll rephrase that completely.

  1. I should I used your suggestions, and when I did, it did cut through.
  2. The gap the laser produces is still a bit wide (at least for my experience from other cutters)
    which leads to:
  3. I think that might be a focus problem, and with a closer look:
  4. the sensor for the focus setting at the laser head is lose.

So first thing I need is: How do I adjust the height of that thing?
This is my information from the CAD of the previous Laser Head version. does that still apply?

EDIT: Also I have noticed, that my cutter leaves a rather small distance between nozzle and material (at least, when I compare it to what I see in the video on the mainpage).
So I need the expected distance for that, too.

From the base of the cylinder to the top of the material should be


There are two types of nozzle FabKits should have the long nozzle as default. Maybe you have the short one?

Short nozzle
10mm focus for short

Long nozzle

3mm focus for long

The sensor should be just slightly below the nozzle, you want it active when the nozzle is just about touching the material.

That was a good step forward. I have the long nozzle.
And with this information I now have the correct focus as it seems. Now I cut 3mm poplar plywood with 50% power at a speed of 80mm/s (which is double the speed suggested by Bonne).

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Thats a good source of Poplar you have :smiley:

Hi there

what is the diameter of the nozzle thread? M22?

I want to buy a shorter nozzle

The nozzle is M24x1mm
We have the short nozzle for 50 euros. You will need to adjust your auto focus.