Focus. Sensor adjustment

I currently have the long nozzle, which works fine, but from time to time the distance to the material can get a bit close.
I did a bit of corrugated cardboard the other day and that stuff is hard to get flat on the bed. Which doesn’t do to much bad for cutting itself. The problem is, that the nozzle/ focus sensor might move the stuff while cutting by getting in touch with the cardboard…

I can get the short nozzle, but that will not give me more space between the focus sensor and the material.
So can I do the following: getting the short nozzle and adjust the firmware so the sensor is about the same high as the nozzle?

Yes that is all possible :slight_smile: the only downside is your cuts can be a little darker because the air flow is further away. just remember not to focus with the long nozzle in.

Also, if you’re using LightBurn, you can actually set a Z-offset on your cut, so you don’t have to do it in firmware… Just create a separate setting (ie color) with a Z offset for cardboard, and you should be fine!


@CescoAiel that is a good trick,

@mclien yes that will work, the nozzle

If you want to use mainly the short nozzle then you can set the auto focus up with that and set the focal height for it. Basically plus 10mm (13mm).
If you want to use the long nozzle just focus and then install the long nozzle.