Little overview of some early work

What I made on the early FabKit MK4. A little, but not complete, overview. More to see on Instagram or website. DeGrazendeSlak.


Awesome work! I sense a certain fascination with coffee filters… :stuck_out_tongue:

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All thanks to Melitta Bentz, inventor of the paper coffee filter!

Fresh out of the FabKit lasercutter, the VrouwKandelMan chandelier. Design by me.


Hoes voor een Huion tekentablet. Huion drawing tablet cover made from old jeans, old seat cover, lasercut MDF and felt.

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‘The vehicle of the future has two wheels and a handlebar.’

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Nice :smiley: What material is that?

It is on one side coated 3 mm MDF (Gamma). On the backside (and engraved letters) I used oil to prevent water coming in. Dutch wheather conditions :sweat_drops: :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :sun_with_face: will decide how long this chainguard will last!

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Birthday present. The Raven. Engraving on MDF.

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