Y-limit switch not working

I just noticed that the front -limit switch on my machine is not working.

I tested the switch itself. Works like it should closed by default, open when pressed.
Nevertheless the motor stays powered when running into the switch. And I can clearly hear that the switch is indeed triggered mechanically.
The one in the back seems to work, but maybe just in the startup. After the startup it won’t move past the point 3 mm before the switch.

The motor should remain powered, but the machine should halt.
If you home the machine at start up the soft limits should prevent you from hitting the max X and max Y limits.

If the Max limits are not responding but are working, it could be the firmware has disabled them.
Did you edit any config through LightBurn?

I did. changed the offset of the homeposition for x and y via lightburn and transferred that to the board.
OK, as I understand it:
I did put the home offset of y to 25.5mm (that’s when it is actually in the 0/0 corner of the bed). So So when the machine is now moving to y 800 it is actually 825.5, which makes it run into the y-limit switch. Do got that right?

If so, shouldn’t all limit switches work in any use case as sort of “fail-safe” to prevent machine damage?

Not sure if related, but: I had a similar sounding issue with my x-axis limit switch. It tested every component (switch, wires, pcb connector) separately and all worked.
It turned out that the white connector on the pcb was not fully making contact with the white connector on the wire. I took some small pliers and made a very tiny bend in the connector pins on the pcb. This gave a very solid connection and my problem with the limit switch was solved.

We had this weird behaviour with the Y-axis limit switches also on two different FabKit Mk6 (one at my workplace and another received and built at the same time by colleagues at another location).

The homing procedure works properly for X-min switch and Y-min switch.
After that, during movements, the Y-axis limit switches don’t trigger a motor stop as it works for the X-axis limit switches or the Z ones.

On the machine interface, there is a menu where you can tests the switches and they all respond correctly, Y-axis included, but the controller seems not to use this signal during movements of the Y-axis.

As we generally use relative coordinates it is not really a problem but it should probably not working like this.

@Cyprien it sounds like for some reason the hard limit function is disabled for the Y axis.
If you navigate in the machine settings directly on the controller pw:RD8888
Go to Y axis limit switch and tick hard limits.