Wrong factory default configuration setting?

Hi there,
is it possible that the original configuration setting ist not correct? The laser uses two stepper motors for the Y-Axis. So there are some connections that will copy the steps from driver 2 to 3. Therefore the pin assignment changed for the Z-Axis as this will now use the 4th driver.
What one cannot change is the wiring/assignment of the current limit.
In my opinion this leads to the following config setting:

alpha_current                  1.9               # X stepper motor current - no change
beta_current                   1.9               # Y stepper motor current - no change
gamma_current                  1.9               # Second Y stepper motor current - CHANGED
delta_current                  1.5              # Z stepper motor current - CHANGED

If you are using a 4th axis then this goes to epsilon
epsilon_current 1.5 # A stepper motor current

Am I right?

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I think you are right,
http://smoothieware.org/currentcontrol they are indeed hardcoded so while we switched the pinout, the positions of the current control remain the same, so your proposed amp per motor would make more sense. Did you notice any improvement? Where you experiencing issues which led you to discover this?

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From the very beginning I had a problem with the Z-Axis. It was skipping steps. But I thought it was just a mechanical issue. So I was trying to make everything on the Z-Axis gliding as easy as possible. Maybe this was related to this as the Z-Axis had no current set. (I don’t know the inital value for the electronic resistor.) This time I had some trouble with the Y-Axis. It was not moving correct. But the main reason for that were some lose screws in both pulleys of the Y-Axis. But on my way of finding this I came across the documentation of the smoothieboard and the configuration as I first tried to get around the problem by slowing down the motors.
I will now try to speed up the movement of the Y-Axis. Let’s see what is possible now. :wink: