Which LENS to buy?

Hello there,

we got a FabKit MK6 and are pretty satisfied, but the nozzle is just too close to the work piece (2.5 mm). We often hit clamps and not able to engrave non-flat objects.

I did not find any information on the dimensions or the type of lenses Fabcreator ships the system with.

So, what dimensions do i need? We are planning to buy from cloudray because they got a german warehouse. They offer 18 and 20 mm diameter. Does 20 mm fit in the FabKit MK6?
I guess Fabcreator ships lenses with a 38.5 mm focal lenght, right?

Thanks for your help!

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Default all our machines ship with the 50.8mm lens, this is the best all round lens for cutting and engraving. 20mm is the diameter.

38.1 is often chosen for engraving, and 101.6mm is often taken when cutting thick material like foams.

We have lenses in stock, they are 85 euros each.

Do the other lenses fit in the default laser head?

If the diameter is correct they will. Diameter is 20mm.

yes any 20mm lens should work, just watch out because its possible the nozzle may catch the beam depending on its position.