What are the Specifications of the FabCore?

Technical Specifications

  • Plug & Play system
  • High quality 40W CO2 laser
  • True 600*300mm cutting and engraving area
  • Manual easy focus head
  • Magnetic steel grid cutting bed
  • Compact outer dimensions of 960553240mm (WDH)
  • Standalone operation or stream over USB
  • Automatic enable air assist
  • Forced air cooled electronics
  • Designed and Manufactured in the Netherlands
  • Professional software included; learn more at LightBurn

Safety Features

  • Dual interlocked door
  • Chiller interlock
  • Laser power Key switch
  • Tri-colour laser status indicator,
  • Mechanical Emergency Stop
  • CE Compliant, Class 1 laser (Class 2 with alignment beam)

The FabCore is still in development and therefore technical specifications are subject to change.

We were looking for the max speed specs.

Where can we find them? Thank you in advance!!

Hi Vektor,

The recommended settings are 100mm/s engraving and 30mm/s vector engraving. you are of course able to experiment with speeds and accelerations if you want to :slight_smile:

We have an optional upgrade planned for servos steeper which will allow for much faster speeds;
Raster engraving at least 500mm/s, vector I am not sure yet still playing with them :slight_smile:

Kind regards,