Welcome to FabCreator Community!

So, after our previous discourse site crashing because of the new HTTPS: we searched for a replacement.
After trialing the community forums offered by our new phone and email ticking system (Zendesk) we decided we were not happy. The forums were quite limited and when we discovered uploading of files other than images was prevented. (No laser cutting files!) We had to find a forum with more control.

In the meantime Discourse integrated security via lets encrypt as part of the standard build. This simplified set up significantly. This time we took a little more time to create categories and a more formal layout :slight_smile:

In the coming weeks I will create a few posts in order to re upload all the important data from the previous community sites :slight_smile:

We have a few communication channels.
Email, support@fabcreator.com for support questions if you already have a FabMachine. Or Sales@fabcreator.com if you would like to get a FabMachine :smiley:
A new phone number for quick inquires +31 20 225 1142 (It records the conversation which is great as I am awful at taking notes :sweat_smile:)
Online Chat box, great for quick questions if we are online. If not best send an email or Pm here :slight_smile:

We also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
However we tend not to use these for support and sales and more for just posting updates, nice photos :slight_smile:

Hope everyone has been keeping well and your FabCreator lasers are busy at work :smiley:

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