Troubleshooting Machine Freezing at a job start

I found similar issue here > original thread:


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  • chiller + filtration has its own electricity connection
  • LASER is connected to heavy duty extension cord directly to the socket

Not even a PULSE before the job helps.
New workaround is to start with engraving (low powers) then cutting and after a while it works just fine. Seems like the machine needs some time to warm up a bit and then it works. Let me know your thoughts.

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@_agoodguy I think we will need to arrange a new power supply, I am just confused to why it just suddenly happened as it was working so reliably before we sent it to you.

@FabCreator Could it be anything with the connection inside of the machine that changed during transport? (weak connectors, pcb supports,…) As I mentioned problem occurs at the beginning after some pause but I am hesitant to open it up just like that.

If you think that would solve the problem, let’s arrange it via email.

Thank you for the support!

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