Strange filling behavior on oak

Good idea! So I tried 450mm/s @ 16% power with an interval of 0,15mm (normally I work with 0,05 to 0,065):

Okay, so when you look closely you can see that the cutting line does not start propperly. The laser “needs some time” to really get to the power and start cutting / engraving. This results in the problems described.

I will clean all mirrors and the lens and test it again, but I think this cannot be the solution to that. As I have to move my laser I will have to calibrate the laser again anyway. Maybe this will also help. But in my opinion it seems that the laser just don’t fire at the right power straight from the beginning… any idea why?

EDIT: Another one with 0,25mm interval:

Indeed, it looks like it does not fire from the very start… also it seems to stutter somehow.

What does it look like if you up the power? say Min and Max at 20% and 30%
I think we will send you a new PSU first to see if that’s the problem, if not then a new laser tube.

@Tvisvarson thanks for the idea of larger interval, can clearly see that its somthing laser related as the laser is not igniting correctly. Its more likely an issue with the PSU than with the tube.
@RichB can you give it more min power with this or larger line interval.

Hey @FabCreator , I have started to disassemble the laser to move it. But I hope the laser will be up running next week again. Then I will also test a higher power.
A new PSU might solve this, I will send you via mail my new address that you can send it out.
Anyway, thanks @Tvisvarson for your input!

So the laser safely arrived at the new location and I did some testing, after I cleaned all mirrors and the lens.
With the standard settings (as before) the result is the same. The laser has some problems starting…

If I ramp up the power to 30% the effect is less visible…

So @FabCreator do you think the problem is the PSU or the laser tube? Thanks for the help! Would be great to solve this problem soon,

Just thought id post we fixed the problem via replacing the tube. :slight_smile: Odd one to see.