Some of my work with the laser

I have to wait for a new lens to arrive, so have some time to show some of my work.

Frontpanels for my final project on FabAcademy. A puzzle box with communicating electronic puzzles.

Frontpanels are easy to make from white acrylic, spray painted matte black and then engraved. The white will reappear and make for some great effects. The MS33558 font completes the look.

Engraved 3d-printed earrings for a vegetarian (her request).

Lettering for an art gallery in Deventer. Cut from black acrylic and attached with magnetic spacers.

Coins for a festival in the neighborhood

A box with frontpanel and see-saw for demonstrating the functioning of a PID controller

A hinged box for my VNA meter. Foam is also really easy to cut, allowing for tight packing of sensitive equipment.

And finally acrylic frontpanels for my Enigma-E machine. This decodes german WWII messages. Either you try to make an exact replica, or you go all-out the other way. :slight_smile:

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Some really cool projects there @egeltje :smiley: Thanks for sharing