Some board configuration/setting questions

So the cutter is finally running, some questions raised:
0. is there a manual/walkthrough to all the functions and settings for the Mk6 interface?

  1. How do I set the center of origin for the cutter?
    I have tried that and the on startup the red dot is on zero x/y (which is less than the x/y end switches, which is fine). But when I place something in lightburn just at the edge of zero y, the cut starts at -20mm (which left some engravings in the alu frame and messed my cut.

  2. Correct power setting on the cutter (min/max 1 and 2)
    I remember fiddling around with the power setting in the cutter ending up having all values set to 99%

The way most use it is with User origin.
Press the Origin button on the keypad and the current position of the laser head will now be the start point.

If you share your set up it will be easier to see whats going on.

Lightburn as some good info on this.

For power, Min means the lowest power it can go when at slow speeds (changing direction or small circles due to acceleration) Max is then the power it will use when at normal speeds.
99% is the max the controller can visualize