Outer dimensions of FabCore (including hose to filter/ power plug...)

Hello community!

I’ve got a question regarding the space i need to place the FabCore. I can find the outer dimensons in the product descriptions, but i’m not sure if it includes the hose on the back of the unit.
If it does not, how much space should i add?
I ordered a FabCore, and until it arrives I rebuild my workshop to make some space, including a new table.
Is a Table depth of 700mm enough (including the hose connected an bent at a 90° downward angle)? What’s the bare minimum of a surface to place the FabCore safely?

Thanks for your answers!


I was setting up the MK6 on a 800mm table… and this is barely enough. I also updated the hose connection to fit a 150mm hose (see picture). This improves the extraction a lot! I 3D printed the adapter to fit the original screws in addition to 4 screws holding it secure in place…
I would say a 850mm wide table with 150mm space behind for the hose and cable connections is what you need (at least). At the moment I cannot measure it but maybe next week. Hope this helps a bit…

Thanks Rich! I guess the MK6 takes up more space than the FabCore. Had a look at the needed space for the Core with Bonne. He assured me that 650mm for the FabCore should be fine. But its good to know for new customers anyway. :wink:
The idea with the bigger hose is nice, maybe I will try that too.