Max. physical dimension and ruida board settings?

I just measured the actual physical travel distances of the x/y axis of my MK6.
It is easily 830x570 /rounded down to the 10mm step).
Note: my x-axis has a hardware mod so it is most likely 810 for the standard.
So the question: is the ruida board limited to the 800x500 or can I “just” adjust the in the machine settings?
I am well aware that I need to build a new bed for the material to use that space (the space in the original bed is 805x545 btw).

You can up the dimensions, the board can handle much larger dimensions.
You can access that via the vendor settings in RD works,

The download for RD works can be found at the above link.

It is also possible to access machine settings via lightburn however we noticed they dont always stick.So its recommend to use the original software for firmware and config.

You can also access all the machine settings via the controller directly without the need for a PC.
The password for accessing the settings is RD8888.

The return to factory settings should revert to the initial set up we deliver the controller as.

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