Laser cutting and tiles

Been wanting to post here for a long time. Here it goes.
I’m a visual artist using an MK5 with Lightburn.
At the moment I’m working with tiles and using two main technics :
1- the Norton method with spray paint + solvent or TiO2 (easier to wash)

2 - Masking (paper) tape. Put plain paper tape on the tile. Burn the paper and carve the tile at the same time with the laser beam. Spray with paint. Get rid of the tape.

Settings for 1 and 2 : 100 (power) - 20 (speed)
Thought it could be useful for some people.


Really nice results @Payette, thanks for sharing! Have been doing some work with lasers and clay or glaze but mostly to treat it before kiln firing. Nice to see these methods used in art works. One question about the second method, does it give a permanent mark or is it just a mask for spray painting?

Thanks @Unfold, I think your method is definitely the right way to work with ceramic.

In my second method I’m also carving through the enamel and when I spray nitro-acrylic paint, it’s as permanent as the paint can be. Well I hope so. (But with some laquer thinner you can probably undo or un-permanent any paint — or destroy it).

Looks great, thanks for sharing your work method and settings!

Very cool project!
Thanks for sharing your settings!