As I’m new here I thought I’d introduce myself.

Got my first laser cutter in 2017, a Glowforge basic, and I’ve used it to complete lots of projects
-Dice towers
-Board game tokens
-Leather Plague doctor mask
-Masking for paintings
-Wooden bow ties
and lots more, some sold in my Etsy store - Diceotaur
Pictures on Facebook

As it got to three years it didn’t really want to play along anymore. As I’m in Sweden I was looking for a laser cutter available in Europe, which is when I found FabCreator, and I’m really happy it’s here. Sure, it’s not as much plug and play as my old one, but it looks like something I could use at the university where I work. That makes me feel at home with the machine, like I’m back in the lab.

I’m a chemical engineer, working with lab safety, fire safety and more at KTH Royal Institue of Technology in Stockholm Sweden.


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