Graduation Project on the Fabcore by Anna

I’m Anna, a graduate student from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.
Currently, I’m working on the Fabcore machine to lasercut different kinds of thermoplastics for my graduation project.

My project is called “The modified self” and is a scenario about reshaping my body in a physical editing program, by using digital tools to visually escape my biological constraints of appearance.
With the possibility to stretch, shrink and bloat up features of my body to the extreme, the collection of modifying body parts is expressing my vision of how our bodies will evolve with the assistance of editing programs in the future.

Each piece becomes an analog filter on the body and is made with the use of laser cutting a mesh structure into a thermoplastic material. Through heat, I can shape the material and define the form and volume of the exaggerated silhouettes. With the fabcore machine, I can create very fast and precise elements that in the end construct my pieces.
I enjoy working and experimenting with the Fabcore machine because it’s so easy to use and the outcome is always impressive.
Check out the linked pictures of my process working on the Fabcore!


Hi @Anna_Dienemann,
Interesting! But what is the goal behind ‘modifying’ yourself? Why do you want to 'escape your biological constraints of appearance? Who do you have in mind to benefit?
Just curious.

Super work @Anna_Dienemann thanks for taking the time to share your project :slight_smile:

Very nice work! Can I ask want kind of material do you use for this patterns?!

That’s impressive! Love the colour gradient, do you apply the colour yourself or is the material like that? Would be very interested in the source for the thermoplastic material. Thanks for sharing your work!