Engraving - "No Enough Extend Space..."

I’ve got a FabCore, got it at the start of the summer and I’ve only been able to test it a little before yesterday.

I’ve got it connected via USB.
LightBurn 1.0.01
I used the line-shift settings Tvisvarson posted here: Fill vs. line cutting. Results in different dimensions! and was able to use that file yesterday (not today though)

Now I can only send files without “Fill”, both directly from LightBurn and with a USB stick. If anything is “Fill” the print just won’t start. I get three beeps and the control screen on the FabCore says:

No Enough
Extend Space
Please Esc

Sometimes LightBurn also looses the connection when that happens.

Any ideas?

Hi Imp,

When doing a fill, the head will fly from left to right and will overshoot a bit. It needs space to slow down and speed up again. This is the “Extend space”. If you place your workpiece all the way to the left or right, the head has no space left to slow down or speed up and the contoller will give this error.

Placing your workpiece in the middle of the bed will solve this.

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Jep, what egeltje says. This one hit me on my first few test projects. The faster the speed of the fill is, the further the head will overshoot. this may reduce your max. aviable size for fills quite a bit, so you have to carefully plan this. I’m not sure if we could reduce the overshoot in some settings other than speed, as I believe it is something in percents, and thus it overshoots more on faster speed. But had not the need / time to look further into it.

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That does make sense. My old laser had a much slower engraving speed (Glowforge).

Thanks =)

yes i had that too
Put in the middle that helps

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