Chiller failing - reporting alarm


chiller is in permanent alarm state, was intermitent in the last weeks

  • The pump is pumping, we could feel the water pressure and when we disconnected the tubing the water was flowing how it should
  • The compressor is working
  • The temperature is fine (~17 degrees in the room, though the chiller is reporting 13 degrees)
  • Water level is fine.

We think either the temperature controller or the relay switching between ALARM and NORMAL state is faulty. Did others experience similar issues?

Unfortunately, this is somewhat urgent because we need to produce some Christmas presents for our sponsors…

Many thanks

one thing I could think of is, that the space you put the chiller might be too tight. The left side should have more room, because that’s where the fans are sitting.
The other: I seems quite dusty in the room. might be worth to look how dirty the inside of the chiller is.
I have the same chiller with no problems so far (but hasn’t run for more than a couple of hours, though).

I can only offer to do some cutting for you, since mine isn’t occupied much so far.

Today we teared the whole thing appart.
Left and right side filters were OK, fans are actually located at the back. But overall only very small amount of dust inside the device.
Relay has the default setting being alarm mode, and is actually switch to regular operation mode (green light) by the water flow sensor. This one sends 24V on both pins, thus no voltage difference, relay remains in default mode and alarm buzzer is beeping.
Looks like we have to replace the water flow sensor. For reference it’s a HL-30 from Teyu, seems to be identical to Cloudray’s HL-30 model (
Now we’re looking for the faster way to get one (delivery time ~1 month from China to Germany). Anyone having hints to getting sparts on short notice in Europe/Germany ?

Haven’t checked the datasheet, but might one of this be a substitute?:

@mclien looks very similar but slightly different.

According the that it has a M20.5 thread

We do have warranty with S&A, the two years does indeed cover the chiller so not to worry about that :slight_smile:

I don’t have the sensors separately in stock, but I think I should be able to take one from a Passive chiller and mail that.
Ill get back to you this afternoon if they are the same then i will do that.
Its likely a good idea to hold some of these in stock encase it happens to others in the future. however these chillers have proven to be exceptionally reliable so no need to so far :smiley:

Thanks for the hints, but mine is working. The guy with the problem is jhf2442
(Just so you send it to the right person)

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thanks for the hints. the 1st one mentioned by mclien will probably not fit as it outputs pulses with variable frequency. we need a stable output to drive the relay.

we are in contact with the support… weren’t expecting to get support throughout the week end, really appreciate!
cloudray remains a possibility, offering 4 days delivery with UPS

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@mclien thanks :slight_smile:

@jhf2442 its being sent via tnt, your colleague will receive the tracking link shortly.

When we can we try and be prompt with support, but it does not always work out so fast :wink:

Replaced the flow sensor today. As the new one has a female connector, I soldered the wires to a male connector rather than removing the connector

Afterwards chiller was back to work