Belt Tensioning

I purchased a Fabcore second hand a couple of weeks ago and it needs a little tlc. On the whole its a gorgeous machine and well made, but maintaining certain parts have been a challenge.
I have replaced the mirrors, lens and tube but I am struggling with how to replace or even re-tension the x and y axis driver belts. There is a LOT of slop in them, to the point where a circle cut becomes an oval even on the lowest of speeds. At some point I will need to replace the belts, but for now can someone please please tell me how I can tension them. :pray:

There is no information in the Fabcore manual? Open a support ticket?

Nothing in the manual and nobody replied to my support ticket for a week :cry:

Because I don’t have a Fabcore I can’t help. Maybe a direct chat via:

We managed to get it all sorted in the end :slight_smile: