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I need to optimize the supply air, currently I remove the air from the whole room (actually a container).
What would be the best input for the air supply?

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I am not sure what you mean?

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Where to supply air to the Machine?
I want to use a pipe from outside - a complete autonomous airflow

The machine comes with an air compressor, FabAir. This connects to the air intake on the back of the machine.

The machine will draw in air naturally as a result of the extractor, no need to pump outside air to inside the machine.

What machine do you have? Where do you currently use it? Are you using a filter or venting to outside?

the extracted air is the problem!
It gets replaced by the air in the room and in a closed room you get underpessure

Are you in an air tight room? You should use your machine in a well ventilated area.

You have an issue with fresh air coming into your room?

Its a problem I have never heard of before, the solution would be to essentially get an extractor similar to the machines and use that to blow fresh air into the room.
Our machines air intake is the logo cut out at the front, there is also a fan on the electronics.

With the current gas prices it might not be such a bad idea for the laser to draw in cold air from outside instead of the warm air from inside. But I agree with @fabcreator that it is wise to ventilate the room well to remove residual smoke that escapes your machine. So maybe try to make sure the extractor fan also pulls some air from the container.

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Thats a fair point, never considered it.
However I do know in warm countries the cost of running a filter is often less than the aircon price :open_mouth:
You could likely 3D print an adaptor for the front plate and feed fresh air into the machine like that.

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we got the same problem. Our laser is installed in an old ship container. The extractor sucks out the air when the door is closed.
So we are building an air inlet and connect it to the front panel