4th rotating axis anyone?

Is there anyone out there who got a 4th axis in his machine?

And how did you do the setup in the smoothieboard?

Yes it is possible, here is a config and firmware for it :slight_smile:

Make sure to save your config separately before over riding it.
I think the Mk4 has a slightly different motor layout, so you may need to adjust the pins for X Y1 Y2 Z and A

4th axis config and firmware.zip (223.7 KB)

If you upload your config i can edit it so the 4th axis will work.

Thanks, i wil look for the differences with my own setup

Damn, that was pretty easy :smile:
Only had to add the A axis part with settings and rename switch.misc to switch.fan
Add a 5th stepper and it already works, great.
Next to do is make a nice turning chuck, probably a 3D printed one is strong enough.

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